2019 MLB Postseason – October 11th, 2019

2019 MLB Postseason

We have completed the Division Series round!

Looking at my predictions made a day before the postseason started, I have been right on some and wrong on others, which is not surprising.

What I got right: Both Wild Card games and both of the American League Division Series.

What I got wrong: Both National League Division Series.

New Predictions?

I think the Cardinals can outlast the Nationals in the NLCS, but I think it will be a good and close series that could go 7 games.  I still think the Astros have too much pitching for the Yankees to overcome, in addition to home field advantage that proved to be big in the 2017 ALCS.  However, the Rays unexpectedly pushing them all the way to a Game 5 does make me a little more hopeful the Yankees can win this time.  If my new predictions come true, the Astros will beat the Cardinals in the World Series.

Favorite Moments

Obviously, watching the Yankees dismantle the Twins with ease was nice to see.  I loved seeing 3 of the 4 Division Series going to a Game 5.  The Braves-Cardinals DS was one of the best postseason series I’ve ever seen, really classic up until the final game.  Game 1 of that series and Game 5 of the Nats-Dodgers series were the two best games in my opinion.  It’s easy to forget the Wild Card games already, but the Nationals one was great.

I was very impressed with the Rays not giving up, and with Adam Duvall’s heroics for the Braves.

Of course, Howie Kendrick owns the greatest moment of the postseason so far:

Looking forward to seeing what else happens during this epic 2019 MLB Postseason!  😀  Feel free to comment below your thoughts on the postseason so far, and who you think will win from this point forward!

4 thoughts on “2019 MLB Postseason – October 11th, 2019”

  1. Hi Ben,
    seems your great fan and passionate about the Game. your predictions was excited and true related based on going facts.
    I think, between Astros and Yankees, Yes probably Yankees could lead the game and win in the League Championship Series. The 2019 regular season series between them was similarly hard fought, but eventually the can make it.

  2. While it was very tough to see my Twins go out like that, again, from the Yankees, I give credit where credit is due. The Yankees are a strong team. But my favorite moment so far has to be what you alluded to above, the grand slam from Kendrick. After watching the wild card game there was a small part of me that wanted to see how far the Nats could take this. I’m excited to see what these next series will bring us, should be fun to watch! I predict an Astros-Nats World Series with the Astros winning.

    • @Dereck: Wow you are a Twins fan! I have to admit, being a Yankees fan is generally easier. 🙂
      I like the Nationals but I like the Cardinals better. I’m actually watching Game 2 of the NLCS right now and it does look like the Nationals might get to the World Series. Any team that faces the Astros is in for an extremely hard fight. Still kind of shocked the Rays got them to a Game 5.
      Thanks for commenting!

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