2019 MLB Postseason Predictions

2019 MLB Postseason Predictions

The time has come!  After an interesting and unique regular season with multiple records set, it is finally time for the most exciting time of year for many of us – the 2019 Major League Baseball postseason!  My 2019 MLB postseason predictions are right here on September 30th 2019 – ready to be proven wrong the very next day as the teams start playing!  XD

I LOVE the bracket.  It is filled with my favorite teams, and I think I like the bracket even better than last year.  I would have liked to see the Rockies again, but overall I almost couldn’t be happier with which teams made the postseason overall.  My favorite teams are 1) Yankees, 2) Braves, and 3) Cardinals as of 2019, so naturally I will be watching as many games as possible.  😀   In fact, I don’t truly dislike any of the teams, except maybe the Astros because they beat the Yankees in 2017 and feel they will again this year.  Historically the Twins would be my least favorite of the 10 teams, with almost all the others in my top half of favorite teamsFill out your own bracket!

Here is what I think will happen:

2019 MLB Postseason Predictions

I can’t help but predict a 2017 repeat, since the Astros and Dodgers really look like the best team in each league.  The Championship Series matchups could also look similar to recent matchups.  In addition, I think the Nationals will lose in the Division Series yet again and the Athletics will lose another Wild Card game.

However, this is what I WANT to happen:

Ben's 2019 MLB Postseason hopes

Now THAT looks GREAT!  Almost perfect.  I would love to see the Braves face the Cardinals in the NLCS so I didn’t have to root against the Cards so early on.

Feel free to share your own 2019 MLB Postseason Predictions below in the comments!