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Welcome to Baseball with Ben!  On this personal site of mine I share my favorite things about baseball, including memories, hobbies, and my favorite, the epic moments that keep me watching October baseball every year.


My passion for baseball started at a young age.  Born in 1994 in the state of New York, I grew up rooting for the home team, the dominant New York Yankees of the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  Two books on Derek Jeter and his reputation as a clutch player quickly made him my favorite player, and he was my biggest role model as a young boy.  I began playing baseball in Little League during 4th grade.  My dream was to become “the next Derek Jeter” and play shortstop for the Yankees just like him.  Like thousands of other kids, I realized in middle and high school that it definitely wasn’t going to happen!

However, my passion for baseball continued though the years.  2006 was when I really got into it.  Before that year, I didn’t watch that often and was a very casual fan.  From 2006-2010, baseball was my biggest passion and hobby in life.  I like to say I lived and breathed it.  Watching baseball, reading baseball books, collecting cards, talking about baseball with my friends, playing, I did everything I could think of  related to the sport.

My passion for baseball slowly waned over the years, but it’s still one of my favorite things.  I stopped playing after 10th grade in high school, and I stopped collecting cards and reading a ton of baseball books.  However, one thing has stuck with me like nothing else: the Postseason.  My love for October baseball has led to a lot of late nights obsessing over every postseason game, even if it meant I didn’t get enough sleep or that I had to sacrifice something else in life.  I can honestly say that I regret almost none of the time I’ve spent watching postseason baseball.  Part of that is because of the sheer amount of epic moments that have happened not just in my lifetime, but in the recent past (since 2010 for example).  Even as I type this in May 2018, I can’t wait for October!

Helping baseball fans find their favorite moments

I want everyone’s favorite baseball memories to last forever, with the exception of the mets, my least favorite team by far.  To that end, I like to focus on the epic moments that often occur in the postseason.  By rekindling those goosebumps from that crazy night, I want people to love baseball as much as they ever have, and look forward to the next walkoff, the next record-breaker, the next “fans litter the field” moment, the next monumental crowd reaction.


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