Rawlings 5150 Batting Gloves Review

Rawlings 5150 Batting Gloves Review

Rawlings 5150 Batting Gloves
My pair of new batting gloves!

Recently I purchased some Rawlings 5150 Batting Gloves.  After not playing baseball for about 9 years, I’ve been going to a batting cage a little bit.  It has been a humbling but interesting experience.  I did enjoy using the new batting gloves, as they definitely helped absorb some of the shock.  They kept my hands fresh and lessened the impact of blister formation compared to not using any batting gloves while hitting in the prior month.

Product Description

The Rawlings 5150 batting gloves are made from goat leather, “Stretch-Fit material”, and Double Knit Lycra finger gussets.  They seem to be an average priced pair of batting gloves – I got my pair for about $17 (USD).  They are available in both adult and youth sizes.  Rawlings is a classic baseball brand that is very well known.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Nice material, modern look, solid performance.  The selling features on the back of the cardboard display talk about the genuine leather palm, the flexfit design, and the enhanced fit gussets.  Overall I like the batting gloves a lot so far!

Cons: Fit may be slightly small.  I used this sizing chart to pick out my Adult Medium size.  They’re a little tight, but I noticed that more when I was putting them on than when I was actually swinging.  If you’re on the upper edge of a hand size, you may want to go with the bigger glove size.


I’m seeing plenty on eBay that generally go for $15-$20 as of August 2019.  I thought this was a fair and predictable price.

Want some Rawlings 5150 Batting Gloves of your own? Check out eBay or Amazon to get hitting!!  😀

Rawlings 5150 Batting Gloves Review
Get your batting gloves today on Amazon!

Have fun and thanks for reading!



Miniature Baseball Bats Review – Useful, Fun, and Cheap

Miniature Baseball Bats

Ever since I was a young kid, I had at least one of those miniature baseball bats.  My dad gave me a small Red Sox (ironically since I’m a Yankees fan) bat.  Eventually I got a Yankees bat with my name on it at Cooperstown.  Years later I bought two basic miniature bats to use when playing around inside.

You can check out some of the options on Amazon.  My small bats are 18 inches long.  They are just long enough to have fun with (I wouldn’t want to go any shorter than 17 inches), and light enough to swing extremely fast.

Miniature Baseball Bats
My basic miniature baseball bats, with a tape measure for scale.

Fun Inside!

A simple game I’ve enjoyed playing is to have an “All Star World Series” or home run derby inside.  With a big enough room (average size may even work), you can roll up napkins or paper towels into a small baseball that you can hit with the miniature baseball bats (tossing them up to yourself).  The bats are short enough that hitting the ceiling or surrounding objects in the room shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I established some basic rules for hitting.  Hitting the far wall at a certain height on the wall would be a home run.  The corners of the room that you face while hitting can be the foul poles.  Make believe where the fielders are and use your best judgement to determine what are hits and what are outs.  To avoid having it become too easy, I like to have one swing and miss be a strikeout, with no walks or hit by pitches allowed.  In general I also do 3 foul balls for a strikeout rather than allowing endless fouls.

Pros of Miniature Baseball Bats
-Small and lightweight
-Easy to swing and experiment with
-Fun to use
-Cheap compared to full size bats
-Tons of colors and customizations available

eBay has a great selection as well: Miniature Baseball Bats on eBay.

It’s also pretty cheap to get your own custom bat.  Check out the linked picture to get a personal engraving for your special bat!

Have fun!