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Why is baseball the “best”?  From the mind of an experienced fan, I can help explain.

Baseball is an incredible sport with a simple premise – whack a ball with a stick.  That’s it right?  Far from it, of course.  Add in all the rules, different kinds of pitches, different types of bats, types of swings, and player roles, and you’ve got the makings of a great American national pastime that has seen incredible popularity over its ~150 year existence.  2019 is the 150th anniversary of professional baseball teams, so clearly the sport has longevity.  In fact, now the best players can make over $20 million or $30 million dollars per year!  This demonstrates the popularity of baseball, and part of reason why baseball is the best!

Baseball is unique compared to many other sports in that it doesn’t have a clock.  There isn’t a set time limit for the gameplay, which can lead to a more natural flow.  It also leads to less manufactured chaos at the end of games, allowing for a more natural conclusion to games that go into extra innings.

Another interesting fact about Major League Baseball in particular is that there is no salary cap.  Just like how there is no time limit to the games, there is no limit to how much money each professional team can spend on its players when fielding a team.  This can lead to some teams dominating huge markets like New York City and Los Angeles, but the sport has remarkable parity despite the lack of a salary cap.  By that I mean the number of repeat or consistent championships.  Since the start of this millennium, no team has won the World Series two years in a row.  Some teams have come close, and the San Francisco Giants had a dynasty of sorts from 2010-2014 when they won 3 World Series titles in a 5 year span.  However, compare that to the NFL and NBA.  Tom Brady’s Patriots seem to make or win the Super Bowl every year, while the Golden State Warriors have been doing the same in basketball.   Both of those pro leagues have salary caps, yet baseball has more parity lately.  Certainly an interesting topic to think about!

Do you agree with my reasons for why baseball is the best?  Please leave a comment below – I’d love to hear your take!  😀

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4 thoughts on “Why Baseball Is The Best”

  1. Ben,

    I LOVE baseball! I grew up with it. My dad and brothers played it all the time. I have so many memories of playing pitch-and-catch in the backyard, and doing batting practice with whiffle balls. So, I’m biased but I agree with your statement that baseball is the best!

    I think it’s the best because of the skill involved. When the best batters fail 7/10 times they come to the plate, that says something about the difficulty of the game. Also, pitching is extremely difficult. How many people can throw 90mph+ pitch after pitch for even six innings? I don’t see too many! Thanks for your post.

    • @Bobby: Glad to hear you love baseball! I always loved playing catch too, as my throwing arm was my best asset when I played. Glad you agree! 🙂

      Indeed, the skill is incredible. I’m astonished at how good many MLB hitters are at catching up to the high velocity and discerning which pitches to swing at. I can hardly imagine being in the box against any pro pitcher, let alone an elite ace.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hi Ben!

    I come from a country where Football is considered the best game: Brazil. What’s strange is that 99.99% of people play Football and maybe less than 0.0001% of people play Baseball. It’s a shame people don’t see the potential of this incredible game!
    You have given some good reasons why Baseball my be the best game. I am particularly curious about the fact that there is no timing. How does that work in practice? How do we know when the game should end?

    • @Stefan: Hello!
      Baseball is an American sport, so it makes sense that it doesn’t have the global appeal of football. With things like the World Baseball Classic, hopefully baseball will continue to grow in non-US markets.

      The game ends after 9 innings. Unless tied, in which case there are extra innings until an inning ends with one team in the lead. There just isn’t a clock that says that the teams must play for X amount of time.

      Thanks for commenting!

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